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HEAR/NOW Media Roundup

Lots of good press coming toward the HEAR/NOW Festival of New Sound. Including Pop City, City Paper, and the Post-Gazette. From Pop City, here’s Kelly Strayhorn’s Janera Solomon:

“I started to notice more emerging ensembles, collectives and musicians who are classically trained and playing a broader range of music around Pittsburgh. Our idea started as a new classical music festival. All of the artists are inspired by, or have a connection to, classical music in some shape, form or fashion,” says Solomon, who has been with the Theater since 2008. “This is an experiment. We try ideas out new ideas at the Kelly Strayhorn to see how artists and audiences feel about them. We have a rich theme in terms of musicians, artists and students being trained here. We want to explore this scene, as well as the artists’ careers and the audiences’ responses.”

Are you ready?

April 12, 2012 at 8:27 am Comments (0)