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Garcia-De Castro performs for New Hazlett CSA

Federico Garcia-De Castro kicks of the new season of Community Supported Art with with a performance of music for two pianos at the New Hazlett. Daniel Pesca will Join Federico as the duo performs his Livre pour Deux Pianos, along with music by Simon Eastwood and Alexander Borodin. Federico will also perform his new solo piano piece, Rendering.

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PNME Concert 2: The Cage Variations

July 18, 2014
8:00 pm
July 19, 2014
8:00 pm

City Theatre

The Cage Variations is a newly commissioned work from Ted Hearne constructed entirely from shards of music from contemporary American composers. Hearne melds, morphs and steals music from pre-existing works to create twelve variations on Charles Ives’ philosophical and hypnotic song “The Cage.” This colorful and prismatic program also includes each of the sampled works, in whole or in part, in its original form.

Works include:
Ted Hearne: The Cage Variations
Anna Clyne: Rapture
Morton Feldman: Patterns in a Chromatic Field
Ted Hearne: Furtive Movements
Robert Honstein: Burst (from An Index of Possibility)
Molly Joyce: Blue Swell
Amy Beth Kirsten: Pirouette on a Moon Sliver
Alex Mincek: For Petr Kotik
Philip White: Interlude
Daniel Wohl: Fluctuations (from Corps Exquis)
Scott Wollschleger: Secret Machines No. 2 and 3
Scott Wollschleger: I Is Not Me

With Timothy Jones, Baritone.

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Pittsburgh Fringe Festival: ELCO and Shanna Simmons Dance

May 10, 2014
8:00 pm
May 11, 2014
2:00 pm

Winchester-Thurston Academy Dance Studio


E.L.C.O. and Shanna Simmons Dance reunite “We Sing The Body Eclectic” We Sing the Body Eclectic is a new work by collaborators Shana Simmons Dance and The Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra, their fourth collaboration in the past two years. The show takes the form of a long transition from sparseness to density, calm to agitation. Using orchestral and electronic instruments, words and movement, the audience will question their own perception of time.

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CAPA Antithesis and CAPA Elektro-Acoustik Ensembles Spring Concert

CAPA Antithesis and CAPA Elektro-Acoustik, the new-music ensembles of Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12, present a joint spring concert on Tuesday, April 29th at 7:00 pm in the CAPA Cabaret Theatre. Under the direction of Dan Lindey, the Elektro-Acoustik set will feature student compositions written to accompany the great silent film Nosferatu. Antithesis, conducted by Lenny Young, will perform several student works as well as compositions by Knut Nystedt, Nicolas Collins and Pittsburgh composer Roger Zahab.

CAPA’s Cabaret Theatre: 111 9th St. (corner of 9th and Ft. Duquesne, enter on 9th)
free admission

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Please Turn Your Cell Phones On!

March 16, 2014
7:00 pm

Bellefield Hall Auditorium
Tickets: general admission $15; students and seniors $10.
Advance tickets are $12 and $8. Call 412-422-8042.
Children under 12 free.


IonSound Project’s next concert will include a wide array of music ranging from Arvo Pärt’s meditative Spiegel im Spiegel to the pop sensibilities of Telephone Book by Michael Torke. The program also includes Berio’s virtuosic Sequenza VIII for solo violin, John Mackey’s Breakdown Tango, and Jonathan Kolm’s Trio for Clarinet, Cello, Piano. But regardless of what style or era the music is from, the concert experience will be firmly rooted in the 21st century as IonSound Project invites audience members to be their collaborators through social media interactions during the performance.

“Please Turn Your Cell Phones ON” will feature live social media feeds through facebook, instagram, and twitter, so that audience members can share reactions and responses in the moment. Stay tuned for announcements about contests and a call for photographs! If you don’t already do so, follow IonSound Project on facebook, instagram, and twitter for regular updates.

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PSO Premieres The Elements

February 7, 2014
8:00 pm
February 8, 2014
8:00 pm
February 9, 2014
2:30 pm

Heinz Hall


XKCD: The Elements

So many reasons you are not going to want to miss the PSO’s  premiere of The Elements this weekend, not the least of which is the post-concert opportunity to write indignant letters to Elizabeth Bloom and Mark Kanny about how disturbed you were by the exclusion of lithium. For instance.

All (or at least most) kidding aside, this is a big weekend in the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s year-long celebration of Pittsburgh composers. The Elements is a five movement work with movements contributed by Patrick Burke, Bomi Jang, Mathew Rosenblum, Reza Vali, and Amy Williams. Each composer’s piece will take as its theme one of the archaic elements such as earth, water, air, fire, and metal. No word yet on which composer has the Fifth Element.

The concert will also include Holst’s perennial favorite The Planets, and as if that’s not enough, the orchestra will project NASA video of our solar system during the performance. It’s no wonder the tickets have been selling pretty quickly, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, don’t wait much longer.

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Update: OK, back up and running. Sorry about the blackout there. My hosting provider warned me it was about to switch everyone over to PHP 5.4 and that I should check for compatibility issues, but did I? I think we all know the answer to that. And now I know too that the beautiful water theme that has been installed on this site since the beginning isn’t supported anymore either, so the search for a new theme is on. Be looking for changes and updates in the near future. Just not tonight.



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ICYMI, Charles Ives Take Me Home


In case you missed it, City Theatre is running a very unique play through December 15, Charles Ives Take Me Home. I certainly can’t think of any other plays that feature the iconic iconoclast of American modernism as a main character and so Jessica Dickey’s play gets points for originality right from the start. The play delves into the relationship between a father who is devoted to music and a daughter who is devoted to basketball, with the figure of Ives as mediator who embodies passion about for both athletics and sports. With his well documented love for the game of baseball and his body of work, that sounds as original today as it did when he wrote it, Ives seems like the perfect choice for this dramatic conceit.

Charles Ives Take Me Home is playing at City Theatre through December 15. Go on over to the South Side and check it out.

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The Sahara Series: Music from Mali and Niger at Thunderbird Cafe this fall

September 21, 2013
7:00 pm
October 3, 2013
8:00 pm
October 23, 2013
8:00 pm
November 27, 2013
8:00 pm
Mamadou Kelly and Leila Gobi.

Mamadou Kelly and Leila Gobi.

Cedric Watson and Sidi Toure.

Cedric Watson and Sidi Toure.

Tal National.

Tal National.





The Consortium presents The Sahara Series: five concerts featuring major musicians from the African countries of Mali and Niger, all at Thunderbird Cafe, 4023 Butler St. in Lawrenceville. All shows are $12 advance/$15 door, 21+, and advance tickets can be purchased at Sound Cat Records (Bloomfield), Caliban Books (Oakland), Acoustic Music Works (Squirrel Hill) and Dave’s Music Mine (South Side), or online at the Thunderbird’s website at http://www.thunderbirdcafe.net.

These are performers who would normally be featured at the respect Festival of the Desert, held for a decade in northern Mali. However, that festival is now “in exile” due to the circumstances following the 2012 Tuareg rebellion which briefly proclaimed the independent nation of Azawad. In the aftermath, hardcore Islamist Ansar Al-Dine took over the region (supported by Al Qaida in the Maghreb) and attempted to impose sharia law, destroying Sufi shrines and priceless libraries in Timbuktu while banning music, alcohol and dancing, and oppressing women in the region. The French army came in and drove out the Islamists, and the region is now being patrolled by a U.N. force of African nations, but the danger remains.

Monday September 16 8 pm ‘Caravan of Peace’
MAMADOU KELLY – rising African blues guitarist from Niafunke, Mali and former member of Ali Farka Toure’s All-Stars.
LEILA GOBI – Tuareg singer from Menaka, Mali who also plays guitar, djembe, balafon and tinde, singing in several languages including her native Tamashek.
with special guests Batamba

Saturday September 21 7 pm ‘International Blues Express’
SIDI TOURE – Songhai guitarist of noble linage from Gao, Mali who blends Western folk and blues with trancelike African complexity. Three albums out on respected American indie label Thrill Jockey (Tortoise, Califone, Mouse on Mars, Rob Mazurek).
CEDRIC WATSON – Cajun and Creole fiddler and accordionist from Louisiana whose three albums as bandleader have all been nominated for Grammy Awards.

Thursday October 3 8 pm co-presented with Grey Area Productions and VIA Fest
TAL NATIONAL – drawing on regional styles from highlife and soukous to Afrobeat and desert blues, they create original African rock, and have become the most popular band in their landlocked country of Niger, where they live in the capital Niamey. Their new album is out on UK indie label Fat Cat (Sigur Ros, Mum, No Age, Animal Collective, Frightened Rabbit, etc).
(note: ticket outlets for this event are Culture Shop and Dave’s [both South Side], Sound Cat, and 720 Records [Lawrenceville])

Wednesday October 23 8 pm Next Generation of Tuareg Bluesmen
TERAKAFT – From northern Mali, their name means “caravan” in Tamashek. Leader
Diara was a founding member of desert-blues legends Tinariwen. Currently living in exile in Algeria, they represent the next generation of Tuareg bluesmen, including Diara’s nephews Sanou and Abdallah, and perform in their characteristic dress: blue robes and the tagelmust turban. Their albums have been released on World Village (which is part of Harmonia Mundi, and also released Tinariwen).
with special guests Landmark Tongues (members of Centipede E’est and Gangwish)

Wednesday November 27 8 pm Desert Guitar Hero
BOMBINO – Originally from Agadez, Niger, Omara “Bombino” Moctar spent his youth in Algeria and Libya due to the Tuareg-led rebellions in the Sahara. Returning to his hometown, he has since recorded albums for Sublime Frequencies and Cumbancha, and now his third album, Nomad, is out on prominent New Music label Nonesuch Records (Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, George Crumb, but the list of classical, pop and world icons is very long), produced by Grammy-winning Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. The album debuted at #1 on the World Music charts, cementing his reputation as trailblazing desert guitar hero.
with special guests Batamba

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8/29 @ Garfield Artworks: ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE (CA) + Opale & BCBG (France)

Bryan Pyle is Ensemble Economique.

Bryan Pyle is Ensemble Economique.

From California on Not Not Fun, Shelter Press, Digitalis, and Amish Records



with female synthwave duo Opale and BCBG (both from Paris, France)
and KMFD (local noise/drone/experimental)

Thu Aug 29 8 pm doors $5 show is open to all ages
Garfield Artworks, 4931 Penn Avenue

Info on their latest album “The Vastness Is Only Bearable Through Love”:
Ensemble Economique is Brian Pyle, one-half of Humboldt avant-abstractionists Starving Weirdos (which Forced Exposure called “an American echo of AMM”) and RV Paintings. “We’ve long loved the SW’s sprawling rhythmic dronescapery, and on his own, Pyle explores similar sonic territory, but Pyle’s approach sans partners seems to be more dense and dark, caustic and abrasive, the rhythmic element balancing the atmospheric elements, like here on the title-track, which spreads out over all of the first side. A thick, swirling low-end thrum oozes and undulates, it’s a hazy blurred rumble, over which Pyle layers heaving shards of crunch, thick throbs, deep bell-like tones, rhythmic machine gun stutters, all of which pile up and overlap, creating a soft cacophony of clatter and crunch, chug and churn, a strangely haunting, and sorta noisy, almost industrial creepscape, that sounds like some weird hybrid of Wolf Eyes, Philip Jeck and Umberto, performed by some strange robotic minimalist chamber ensemble. A swirling, heady, and darkly psychedelic barrage of loops and rhythms, layers and textures, mesmerizing and intense. The flipside is another permutation of Pyle’s abstract, beat-laden drones, another thick, swirling morass of sitar-like buzz and sci-fi synth squelch, this time the beats buried, little flurries of stutter and shuffle, squalls of glitchy tangle, more coloring the proceedings than driving them. The last track is a tense, soundtrack-y stretch of layered buzz and haunting melody — a sprawl of pulsing high-end over deep, ominous rumbles, like the music from the scariest moment in some lost Italian giallo, stretched out into minutes instead of seconds, all tension, no release, brooding and intense, haunting and mesmerizing, fantastic stuff.” –Aquarius Records

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