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Lindsey Goodman’s returning to heights unseen

If you’ve been around the Pittsburgh new music scene you’ve probably heard Lindsey Goodman’s amazing artistry. And now you have the opportunity to help bring that artistry to a worldwide audience by supporting her upcoming PARMA recording release returning to heights unseen. Lindsey describes her project as “a Pittsburgh project through-and-through.” It will include works by David Stock, Roger Dannenberg, and Roger Zahab that she recorded right here in Pittsburgh at Tuff Sound Recording. You may have caught the launch of her indiegogo campaign with an album preview event at Pearl Arts Studios a couple weeks ago. And Lindsey will cap off her effort with a release concert presented by Music on the Edge at Frick Fine Arts Auditorium this coming May.

Did I mention the Indiegogo campaign? There’s an Indiegogo campaign! Take a moment and support this crazy-good project today!

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Our 42nd Season starts July 7th!




*Get your tickets here: https://www.showclix.com/events/16984

*All PNME events are located on the mainstage at City Theatre – 1300 Bingham Street

Never been to PNME? “First Limer” your ticket is free! Show up an hour before the concert starts and check in at the “First Limer” line. Don’t forget to BYO bottle of wine and tell us after the show what you thought of your first PNME experience!

July 7 & 8 @ 8pm – Songs of New and Old 

Back by popular demand, we bring two of our greatest American song cycles together in one evening. PNME’s co-commission In at the Eye by Pulitzer Prize winner Kevin Puts is paired with Mr. Tambourine Man, by Pulitzer and Oscar winning composer John Corigliano. So… there’s poetry by William Butler Yeats and Bob Dylan, and Timothy Jones and Lindsay Kesselman are both singing on the same night…? Yes please! Sign me up!

July 12 @ 7:30pm – On the Spot

Performing is one thing, composing is another, but doing both simultaneously at a high level requires inspiration and a skill level to which few can aspire – it’s the art of free improvisation, and we have found just such a creative force in Swedish pianist Oscar Micaelsson. Oscar’s musical voice reaches into you, it stirs you. In tune with the transient vibrations of a room and the audience in it, Oscar will weave a one night only tapestry of imagination around you that will leave you astounded. The audience will even help create some of the works on the spot by generating the material from which… his magic begins.

July 14 & 15 @ 8pm – The Moments that Make Us…

Christopher Cerrone’s powerful work Memory Palace returns in the sensitive hands of our very own Ian Rosenbaum. The work paints an evocative portrait of a formative period in a man’s life. It is paired with Pittsburgh composition legend Mathew Rosenblum’s haunting Falling – a sound portrait inspired by the imagined inner monologue of a 29 year old stewardess who fell to hear death when she was swept through an emergency door that suddenly sprang open. Inspired by James Dickey’s poem Falling, the evening is centered on the moments in time that shape who we are, have been, and might become.

July 19 @ 7:30pm – Got Reeds?

Our Wednesday showcase series turns the Limelight onto very own Eric Jacobs — a master of all things clarinet. The multi-talented Jacobs not only plays with a sensitivity and connection rarely experienced, but he sings! The concert includes two world premieres written for him by Andrew Tholl and Gabriella Smith and established works by Anna Clyne and David Lang. Come and experience the artistry of PNME’s newest addition to the lime green dream team!

July 21 & 22 @ 8pm – Eyes and Ears

PNME has partnered with the American Composer’s Forum in a competition to commission and premiere three new works to be written for us for premiere during our 2018 summer season. Master of all styles David Biedenbender, up and coming composer Jung Yoon Wie, and legendary jazz great Rufus Reid were chosen as winners from a pool of 370 composers. As a teaser for next season, we are featuring a short work by each of these three composers as well as Andrew Garner’s haunting Glasz and a newly commissioned world premiere by Thomas Osborne written for our very own Timothy Jones. We have also joined with local Pittsburgh visual artists who will present works onstage with us to create an evening stimulating the heart through both the eyes and the ears. Yes, all the winning composers will be present. Yes – we are talking visual arts onstage with us. Yes – Rufus Reid is here – and PERFORMING WITH PNME tonight! What else can you say? “Only at PNME…!”

July 26 @ 7:30pm- On an Overgrown Path

For our final Wednesday solo showcase this season, master pianist Daniel Pesca brings us a personal, unforgettable journey. Poetic, exploratory, searching, and luminous, the evening shines a light not only into the souls of these composers, but into Pesca himself. Using Leoš Janáček’s tour de force work On an Overgrown Path as the point of departure, the evening alternates between Janacek’s descriptive miniatures and more recent works to connect themes of nature, growth, and renewal.

July 28 & 29 @ 8pm – Sounds, Signposts, and Memories

After the teaser of Cerrone’s masterful Memory Palace on Week 2, we knew you would want more. Tonight we bring Chris to Pittsburgh for a showcase focusing entirely on his work. Cerrone’s unique voice is personal, haunting, lyrical, unafraid, and deeply connected to our modern world. He seems to conjure vibrations that bring hundreds of people in a room together for a single, intimate, and transformative moment. Don’t worry, you’ll be released back into the real world at the end, and you’ll be the better for it.


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Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble Opens 2016 Season

You probably already know all about this if you follow the new music scene in Pittsburgh, but yes! Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble opens its 2016 season tonight (July 8)! Here’s the full schedule.

I’ve been traveling so haven’t had as much time for blogging, so I’ll just let the professionals do the work on this. Here’s Liz Bloom’s preview in the P-G. And there’s this from Mark Kanny at the Trib.

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New Releases by Stock, Goodman, and Trillium

Without really thinking it through too much, I managed to take a pretty long hiatus from this blog, but for only the best of reasons! I’ve never been busier as a composer/producer/engineer, so that, combined with a full time day job and being in the parent=chauffeur stage of raising teenagers has meant precious little time for anything else. The upside is that I’ve been having a blast! Now that things have settled down a bit I’ll be posting more about my own projects in the near future. But enough about me! Let’s do this Pittsburgh New Music Net thang. I can’t think of a better way to get back into blogging the new music scene here than highlighting some recent album releases.

1047-Stock-bklt-web copy

The first and most bittersweet is the posthumous release of David Stock: Concertos by BMOP Sounds. The unexpected loss of David this past November hit the Pittsburgh contemporary music community hard. And yet, it’s difficult to think of a better memorial than this release.

The album features Andrés Cárdenes on Concierto Cubano, oboist Alex Klein playing all five of the oboe family’s instruments (Klein’s idea!) in the five-movement Oborama, and percussionist Lisa Pegher in Percussion Concerto, a work she and David created with a consortium of five orchestras as commissioners. The release is full of the kind of detailed and vibrant interpretations we’ve learned to expect from BMOP, Gil Rose, and these virtuosic soloists, making Concertos a remarkable celebration of David’s musical legacy. 

Goodman-ReachThroughThe Sky


As long as we’re talking about the musical legacy of David Stock we should talk about the generation of musicians he inspired, and flutist Lindsey Goodman is about as good an example of that as anyone. Lindsey will always be happy to talk to you about the impact David had on her career and artistic vision, and what a vision it is! That’s why it’s such a pleasure to help spread the word about her first solo album, released today on New Dynamic Records. reach through the sky features Lindsey performing on flute, alto flute, and voice in performance of commissioned works by Grant Cooper (Other Voices…), Rob Deemer (The Road From Hana), Gilda Lyons (Chrysalis), Jeffrey Nytch and Jessica Melilli-Hand (Covenant), Erich Stem (New Year’s), and Judith Shatin (Penelope’s Song).  Performing along with Lindsey on the album are percussionist Scott Christian, and pianists Anne Waltner and Robert Frankenberry (who also contributes as a singer). reach through the sky will be available on CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon, as well as through NDR.



If you want a great example of how energetic new music is in the Burgh you don’t need to look much further than Trillium Ensemble and composer Mark Fromm. Trillium ( flutist Elise DePasquale, clarinetist Rachael Stutzman, piano and pianist Katherine Palumbo) presented the Silent Spring Project in collaboration with Mark this past Thursday at the New Hazlett and the response has been hugely positive. Happily, part of the project was to release Mark’s compositions on an album and Silent Spring is available now. The album features five of Mark’s compositions with the Trillium-commissioned Silent Spring as the climax of the program. Congratulations to Trillium and Mark for the completion of this ambitious project!

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PNME Week 4: Music by Zahab and Puts

July 31, 2015
8:00 pm
August 1, 2015
8:00 pm

City Theatre

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble presents Roger Zahab’s Ohio Entelechron and Pulitzer Prize-winner Kevin Puts’ PNME-commissioned Einstein on Mercer Street.

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PNME Week 3: Music by Ligetti, de Mey, and Williams

July 24, 2015
8:00 pm
July 25, 2015
10:00 pm

City Theatre

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble revives Return Flight, a production based on the György Ligeti’s Musica RicercataReturn Flight blends blending music, poetry, clapping, and scrabble into an inescapable and inevitable corkscrew. The production includes works by composers Thierry de Mey and Amy Williams, as well as poets William Langford and Danny Spiegel.

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PNME Week 2: Premieres and Pulitzers

July 17, 2015
8:00 pm
July 18, 2015
8:00 pm

City Theatre

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble’s Week 3 programs include PNME commissions by both our founder David Stock, and recent Prix de Rome winner Daniel Visconti are paired with the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winning Double Sextet by American Master Steve Reich.

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PNME Wednesday Showcase: Cellist Norbert Lewandowski

July 15, 2015
7:30 pm

City Theatre

PNME’s Wednesday showcase series returns with a focus on our cellist Norbert Lewandowski. His enormous range and well-reviewed “mahogany tone” will be on full display tonight. Repertoire includes David Lang’s haunting A World To Come, and works by Phillip Glass and Andy Akiho.

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PNME Week 1: The Gray Cat and the Flounder

July 10, 2015
8:00 pm
July 11, 2015
8:00 pm

City Theatre

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble opens its 40th Anniversary Season with a world premiere, evening-length commission in memory of Bernadette Callery. The Gray Cat and the Flounder (16 Bits About Bernadette) combines instrumental music, cartoons, songs, theatre, puppetry, and imagined ballet quilted together into a narrative on life, loss, and love. Written by Kieren MacMillan, cartoons by Joe Newcomer, directed by Kevin Noe.

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You still have a few hours to register for PNME’s free ArtDOG Salon taking place at CMU’s Alumni Hall on Thursday, October 2 at 8 p.m. You do need to register by the end of the day today (Sept. 30). Details are here, but just in case clicking on links makes you extra tired, the event will include a world premiere arrangement, featuring youled by PNME’s new Director of Education Jennie Dorris, Lindsey Goodman performing works by Pittsburgh composers Eric Moe and Roger Dannenberg, and a performance by Linda Kernohan (aka Ms. Music Nerd) and new PNME Board member. Also, dessert!

You can register at the link above (I know, it’s so tiring to click…) or you can contact PNME director Pam Murchison at 412-316-5s71 or pamurchison@gmail.com.

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