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Pittsburgh New Music Net represents composers and performers from many of the city’s universities, contemporary music organizations, and independent artists. Our goal is to provide comprehensive information about the wide variety of new music taking place in our city and to help promote these exciting events. PNMNet specializes in alt-classical, avant-jazz, and experimental music. If you’re looking for detailed coverage of the local indie rock scene or more general classical music coverage, our blogroll will help you find that too. We hope you visit this site often and take advantage of Pittsburgh’s vibrant new music scene whenever you can.

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The Events Calendar is the heart and soul of Pittsburgh New Music Net. This is where you get a full picture of the diversity of activity going on in Pittsburgh. And don’t forget to check out our thought-provoking interviews with with some of today’s most innovative composers and performers.

Pittsburgh New Music Net is a labor of love hosted and managed by composer Phil Thompson and immeasurably enriched by contributions from many members of the local new music community. If you have questions about Pittsburgh New Music Net or want to contribute content, we’d love to hear from you.