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Mutter, PSO Play Lutoslwaski to Open Berlin Musikfest

Stream this concert live in a about half an hour. Anne Sophie Mutter and the PSO play Lutoslawski’s gorgeous Chain II for the opening of the PSO tour. The concert also includes Léoš Janáček’s Suite for string orchestra and Ein Heldenleben. 

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8/29 @ Garfield Artworks: ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE (CA) + Opale & BCBG (France)

Bryan Pyle is Ensemble Economique.

Bryan Pyle is Ensemble Economique.

From California on Not Not Fun, Shelter Press, Digitalis, and Amish Records

with female synthwave duo Opale and BCBG (both from Paris, France)
and KMFD (local noise/drone/experimental)

Thu Aug 29 8 pm doors $5 show is open to all ages
Garfield Artworks, 4931 Penn Avenue

Info on their latest album “The Vastness Is Only Bearable Through Love”:
Ensemble Economique is Brian Pyle, one-half of Humboldt avant-abstractionists Starving Weirdos (which Forced Exposure called “an American echo of AMM”) and RV Paintings. “We’ve long loved the SW’s sprawling rhythmic dronescapery, and on his own, Pyle explores similar sonic territory, but Pyle’s approach sans partners seems to be more dense and dark, caustic and abrasive, the rhythmic element balancing the atmospheric elements, like here on the title-track, which spreads out over all of the first side. A thick, swirling low-end thrum oozes and undulates, it’s a hazy blurred rumble, over which Pyle layers heaving shards of crunch, thick throbs, deep bell-like tones, rhythmic machine gun stutters, all of which pile up and overlap, creating a soft cacophony of clatter and crunch, chug and churn, a strangely haunting, and sorta noisy, almost industrial creepscape, that sounds like some weird hybrid of Wolf Eyes, Philip Jeck and Umberto, performed by some strange robotic minimalist chamber ensemble. A swirling, heady, and darkly psychedelic barrage of loops and rhythms, layers and textures, mesmerizing and intense. The flipside is another permutation of Pyle’s abstract, beat-laden drones, another thick, swirling morass of sitar-like buzz and sci-fi synth squelch, this time the beats buried, little flurries of stutter and shuffle, squalls of glitchy tangle, more coloring the proceedings than driving them. The last track is a tense, soundtrack-y stretch of layered buzz and haunting melody — a sprawl of pulsing high-end over deep, ominous rumbles, like the music from the scariest moment in some lost Italian giallo, stretched out into minutes instead of seconds, all tension, no release, brooding and intense, haunting and mesmerizing, fantastic stuff.” –Aquarius Records

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Alia Music’s Conductors’ Festival

September 13, 2013
7:30 pm

PNC Recital Hall, Duquesne University
$10 suggested donation

AMP - Colnot rehearsal

Alia Musica to host five guest conductors in week-long Festival

Alia Musica Pittsburgh opens its 2013-14 Season with a redux of its notable Conductors Festival of the Fall of 2011. Five conductors will rehearse and perform Pittsburgh compositions during a week of activities at Duquesne University between September 9 and 13.

The Conductors Festival as an initiative was inaugurated in 2011, when renowned new-music conductor Cliff Colnot (International Contemporary Ensemble, Chicago Civic Orchestra, Chicago Symphony MusicNOW series) led a field of four emerging conductors, in rehearsals and performances of six Pittsburgh compositions. The festival was a unique opportunity for both composers and conductors to work with a professional ensemble, build connections, and present their work publicly. “I don’t know anywhere else”, says Cliff Colnot, “in Europe or the US, where both areas [composition and conducting] concurrently have been addressed. It’s very powerful.”

Two years later, the organization has invited five other conductors, from Pittsburgh and abroad, for a week of rehearsals culminating in a public concert on September 13, at 7:30pm, at PNC Hall (Duquesne University). Visiting maestros Jeff Meyer (Ithaca College and St Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic) and Walter Morales (Edgewood Symphony, Pittsburgh’s Undercroft Opera) will be joined by emerging conductors Jacob Kallman (University of Madison-Wisconsin), JJ Pearse (Bowling Green University), and CMU graduate Daniel Curtis (CMU contemproary ensemble).

The repertory of the festival comprises compositions for chamber ensembles from between 11 and 15 performers. In addition to compositions by Alia Musica member composers, the program includes the premiere of “Angel Antiphons” by Duquesne University professor Zvonimir Nagy. Other premieres include Mark Fromm’s “Meden Agen,” Kerrith Livengood’s “Bird Convergence”, John Arrigo-Nelson’s “Phosphene”, and the concert is rounded off by Artistic Director Federico Garcia’s sinfonietta piece “Pluribus”, conducted by Daniel Curtis. Rehearsals are open to the public, as is a feedback session where the composers and conductors will share comments and thoughts about the experience.

The Conductors Festival opens Alia Musica Pittsburgh’s 2013-14 Season. Other highlights of the season include a tour of 2010 Pulizer Prize finalist opera “Comala”, by Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon (a partnership of Alia Musica, the Eastman School of Music, and the University of Kentucky), and the Pittsburgh New Music Festival 2014, featuring local and national contemporary music acts, for which Alia Musica has been recently awarded a Heinz Endowments special grant.

Rehearsals are held at Duquesne University’s PNC Hall, and are open to the public. For information contact alia.musica.pittsburgh@gmail.com

You can see the full program below the fold.


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Microscopic Opera presents Picker’s Therese Raquin

September 13, 2013
8:00 pm
September 15, 2013
8:00 pm
September 17, 2013
8:00 pm
September 19, 2013
8:00 pm
September 21, 2013
8:00 pm




Microscopic Opera presents Tobias Picker’s torrid opera about a crime of passion and the shadow of guilt.

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Lina Allemano Four at Thunderbird

September 17, 2013
9:00 pm

Thunderbird Cafe,
No cover


Space Exchange continues at the Thunderbird with the Lina Allemano Four.  The band comprises trumpeter Allemano, Brodie West on alto saxophone, Andrew Downing on double bass, and Nick Fraser on drums.

Hailed as one of Canada’s leading avant-garde/free-jazz bands, Lina Allemano Four is known internationally for their inventiveness and synergy as they deftly blur the line between composition and improvisation.  The band has toured extensively over the past 8 years across Europe, USA and Canada.  Their newest and 4th album, Live at the Tranzac, has been receiving much favourable attention from reviewers internationally.  Lina Allemano was named one of DownBeat Magazine’s top innovative trumpeters for the future.  “Lina Allemano is one of the most exciting new voices of the last few years… this music is playful… It doesn’t take its avant-gardism too seriously. There’s no mistaking that Allemano is an important new talent…” – Point of Departure, June 2013

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E.L.C.O. presents Beck’s Song Reader

August 18, 2013
8:00 pm



Grey Box Theatre
Tickets at the door: $15 general admission/$10 students

They did it! Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra successfully kickstarted a performance of Beck’s Song Reader and it’s going to take place at the Grey Box on Sunday August 18th.

When indie-rocker Beck put out the call for individual interpretations of his sheet-music only album Song Reader at the end of 2012, the Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra responded enthusiastically. Within days of receiving the book, E.L.C.O. hit the studio and recorded a song from the collection. After performing two of the selections before enthusiastic crowds at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Gallery Crawl, E.L.C.O. planned an evening of selections from Beck’s unique anthology.

Featuring twenty-three instrumentalists and two singers, E.L.C.O. will present songs from the collection in an ambitious program at the Grey Box Theatre. The program will also include two songs by seventeenth-century composer John Dowland, himself a sort of archetypal singersongwriter. With orchestrations by E.L.C.O. members Alan Tormey, David Gerard Matthews, Christine Burke, Ryan Stewart, and Rachel Smith, E.L.C.O.’s interpretations bring the richness of the chamber orchestra medium, including a full rhythm section, to Beck’s highly imaginative songs.

As an exploration of popular songwriting styles, from Dixieland to indie rock and from polka to dirge, Song Reader takes listeners and performers alike on a sort musical tour of  the last hundred years. Surprisingly modern-sounding compositions complement the wide-ranging stylistic diversity, unified by E.L.C.O.’s signature interpretations.

Tickets will also be sold at the door first on a first come/first serve the evening of the event $15 general admission/$10 students. For more information email elco.events@gmail.com or call 412-897-6584.


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