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Andy Druckenbrod Departs PG

I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight Andy Druckenbrod’s departure from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as classical music critic. Andy plans to finish his MBA and consult in the non-profit sector. You should definitely check out his final P-G column. Though it’s geared toward general classical music lovers there are some nice things in there about the contemporary music scene. Indeed one of the things that Andy did consistently during his tenure as classical music critic was give plenty of press to new music, often in the form of well-researched, engagingly written previews about artists and composers. He even gave a much appreciated shout-out to this humble blog back in the early days when getting a couple hundred unique visitors a month seemed like a huge win. Now PNMNet routinely garners upwards of 2000 unique visitors each month and I have no doubt that being on Andy’s blogroll at the P-G played a significant role in that growth.

So whither classical music criticism in the P-G? Will they hire someone else? Maybe a part-timer? Will this be one of those cost-cutting by attrition things? I guess we’ll all find out soon, but here’s hoping that the Post-Gazette will continue to find a way to cover the City’s flourishing classical/alt-classical music scene—and not just the big established institutions, but the smaller, independent organizations where, more often than not, the real innovation is to be found.

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Introducing Crucible Sound: Crucible Sound #3

July 11, 2013
7:30 pm


Doors at 7:30
Music starts at 8:00 (3 or 4 sets)
$7 suggested donation


I’m happy to let you know that there is a new series of improvised music happening here in the Burgh. Founded by Anthony Levin-Decanini, Crucible Sound will take place on the second Thursday of each month. These sessions will  feature groups of 4-5 musicians of different backgrounds improvising in various ad-hoc groups throughout the night. You’ll also want to check out Anthony’s blog for interviews and information on the performers.

The third edition of the Crucible Sound series will curated by RJ Myato: and feature the following artists:

Joe Mruk, guitar (Coyotes By The Way)
Micah Pacileo, electronics (Hunted Creatures)
Jim Price, saxophone (Jungleland)
Jim Storch, percussion etc. (Burnout War Cry)

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Gia T. Presents Tarana @ Wood Street Galleries

July 13, 2013
8:00 pm

Wood Street Galleries
Tickets $10

The most recent incarnation of Ravish Momin’s Tarana project comprises Rick Parker on trombone and synth and Momin on drums/electronics. The duo’s performance in Pittsburgh will feature a collaboration between Tarana and Pittsburgh-based dancer Gia Cacalano.

If you’ve heard Ravish before, you know he loves to blur the boundaries between the electronic and the acoustic, while blending a vast array of influences, ranging from  Jazz to Juke to Disco to Bollywood.  Using digital and analog electronics, Tarana layers live loops, melodies, textures and sounds on top of their tight-knit acoustic instruments to create a symphonic sound that also explores deep-grooving rhythms from across the world.

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Alia Musica Presents thingNY and Gemini Duo

June 15, 2013
8:00 pm

The Inn in Lawrenceville
Door: $10 adults / $8 students and seniors
Discounts available in advance at www.alia-musica.org

Summer 2013 flyer alt

Alia Musica Pittsburgh presents The Gemini Duo and thingNY in an evening of new music and art on June 15 at The Inn in Lawrenceville. The performances by the two visiting ensembles will be set against a new, large group exhibition titled Disambiguate at The Inn’s Butler Street gallery space curated by Stephen Tuomala and Sarah Humphrey.

The Gemini Duo (Jubal Fulks and Lauren Varley) offers a program of new works for violin and horn, including the premiere of two new works: Locus, by Alia Musica’s John Arrigo-Nelson, and Groundings, by New York composer Joseph DiPonio.

Jeff Young and Paul Pinto of the experimental music ensemble thingNY perform their engaging and dynamic two-man opera, Jeff Young and Paul Pinto, Patriots, Run for Office on a Platform of Swift and Righteous Immigration Reform, Lots of Jobs, and a Healthy Environment: An Opera by Paul Pinto and Jeff Young.

Come and check out The Inn’s fantastic new space; mingle, eat, drink, and be a part of this exciting art happening!

The Inn is located at 5601 Butler Street in Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville) 15201.  The event will take place on the second floor (stairs only; no elevator).

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Trillium Presents Silent Spring this Saturday, June 8th

silent spring2flatten-1

The Trillium Ensemble performs its season finale at Frick Fine Arts Auditorium (Frick Fine Arts Building, Oakland, 15260) on Saturday, June  8, 2013 at 7:30pm.  Tickets can be purchased with cash at the door:  $10/adults and $5 children.  Silent Spring features  two new works, the completion of John Adams’ Gnarly Buttons, and a work for flute and electronics by University of Pittsburgh Professor, Mathew Rosenblum.

Trillium Ensemble commissioned Silent Spring by Mark Fromm, local composer and member of Alia Musica Pittsburgh. The work takes its name from the book by Pittsburgh native and conservationist, Rachel Carson. Fromm exploits Trillium Ensemble’s versatility in this piece, using singing pianist, extended flute techniques and bass clarinet. The piece evokes the arrival of spring in birdsong and the starkness of no birds singing. This piece is sure to stir the emotions.

The  world premiere piano solo, On The Ceiling Of The Sky by Matthew Heap, presents a three movement rhythmic thunderstorm that unfolds before the listener.  With descriptive titles, One Thousand Refracting Dew-Drops, Gathering Clouds, and Inside the Thunderclap, the piece utilizes the entire range of the keyboard. Unevenly accented yet lyrical lines, polyrhythms that weave smoothly in and out between both hands of the pianist, and tonal clusters help to portray the moods of the different movements within the work.

Under the Rainbow, for flute and pre-recorded CD, returns to its premiere performance space. Mathew Roseblum’s piece takes the listener on a journey through a variety of musical styles including techno, karaoke, lounge, cartoon soundtrack, and naturally features members of the cast of the film The Wizard of Oz.

Trillium Ensemble strives to make classical music fun and accessible to audiences of all ages. Founded in 2010, Trillium has performed in venues throughout the Pittsburgh region, and has commissioned works by a number of young professional composers in the area. Email trillium.ensemble@gmail.com to reserve tickets in advance!



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