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E.L.C.O. and OvreArts get some publicity!

Here’s a great write-up of recent performances by Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra and OvreArts by dance critic Jane Vranish!


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Interview with Thereminist and Composer Eric Ross

My interview with composer and thereminist Eric Ross.  He will be performing tomorrow (Thursday, September 27) at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ Regent Square Theater at 8 p.m.

Eric Ross Interview

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Willem Breuker Kollektief Final Tour

October 6, 2012
8:00 pm

First Unitarian Church
Tickets: $20 at the door. $15 in advance at Sound Cat Records (Bloomfield), Caliban Books (Oakland), Dave’s Music Mine (South Side), the Exchanges Squirrel Hill and Downtown. Service charge may apply.

In a final panorama of the work of its late leader, the Willem Breuker Kollektief presents Breuker the composer, giving an overview by performing representative pieces written in each period of his life, from 1965 on. These compositions are placed in the historical context of the years in which they were written.
The program includes pieces never before played by the WBK, some predating its inception in 1974.

During his 45 years of activity on stages all around the world, Willem Breuker (1944-2010) has been the instigator of formative listening experiences for generations of curious audiences worldwide, and thus influenced the development of music in many ways – as a powerful and irreverent performer and improviser, but also as a composer of orchestral, chamber and solo works and of music for movies and the theatre.
For 35 years he was part of the Willem Breuker Kollektief, ten musicians/improvisers who became his main musical outlet and with whom he took his music to all continents. With most of its members still present after 30+ years, the Kollektief now pays a final homage to its instigator, applying its musical experience to a broad overview of works by Willem Breuker the composer, written in various eras and including material not performed before.
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Alkonost and Infinity Previewed in PG

This Saturday, OvreArts, Texture Contemporary Ballet, and The Pillow Project will present two new ballets at CAPA Theatre: Luke Mayernik’s The Alkonost and Blake Ragghianti’s Infinity. There’s a nice preview in the Post-Gazette this week, so give it a look.

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VIA Music and New Media Festival 2012

October 1, 2012
October 2, 2012
October 3, 2012
October 4, 2012
October 5, 2012
October 6, 2012

The VIA Music and New Media Festival will happen at multiple locations around the city on October 1–6. Visit the VIA 2012 Festival Info page to get complete details.

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Happy Birthday, John Cage!

New Music Box is Celebrating Cage’s centenary all week. Join in!

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Composer/Thereminist Eric Ross performs at Pittsburgh Filmakers

September 27, 2012
8:00 pm

Regent Square Theater
Tickets are $12. Purchasing info comng soon

Composer Eric Ross has been called the “Master of the Theremin.” He will perform live on guitar, the theremin and synthesizer, along with local percussionist Dr. Kenan Foley, to a series of experimental short films. Eric Ross (born in Carbondale, PA) began playing the Theremin in 1975, and has performed on radio, film and TV. He’s presented multimedia performances with video, music, dance, film and computer art. His compositions include elements of jazz, classic, serial, and the avant-garde and he’s presented concerts of his original works at The Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center, as well as the Newport, Berlin and Montreux Jazz Festivals. This special evening is presented by the Three Rivers Film Festival.

Eric Ross “has excited audiences with his fiery virtuosity and innovative work” – Washington Post. He’s presented concerts of his original works at Lincoln Center, NYC; Kennedy Center, Newport, North Sea, Berlin and Montreux Jazz Festivals, , Prague New Music Festivals Guggenheim-Bilbao Museum and many others worldwide. The New York Times calls his music “a unique blend of classical, jazz, serial and avant-garde.”

Eric Ross began playing the Theremin in 1975, and has performed on radio, film and TV. With his wife, Mary Ross, he’s presented multimedia performances with video, music, dance, film and computer art. For over twenty years he’s led his ensemble that’s featured jazz giants, John Abercrombie, Larry Coryell, Andrew Cyrille, Oliver Lake, New Music Virtuosos Youseff Yancy, Lydia Kavina, Robert Dick, and others. Among recent projects is Ultimedia Concept program at UNESCO World Heritage sites including Guggenheim Bilbao Museum; Spain, Residenz Palace, Wurzburg; Bauhaus- Dessau; Casada Musica Portugal. Eric Ross was a friend of theremin virtuoso ,Clara Rockmore, and electronics pioneer, Robert Moog. In 1991, he met and played for the inventor of the instrument, Professor Lev Termen. He’s drawn inspiration from them to continue developing the Theremin as a voice in his own compositions.

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A Night of Audible Stunts

September 15, 2012
8:00 pm

The Shop
Admission TBA soon.

Jack Wright – saxophones. from philadelphia and ny, born in pgh in 1942. “the johnny appleseed of improvised music”. you may have heard him play with tatsuya nakatani and michel doneda. and you may not have.

in duo and trio with:

Evan Lipson – contrabass, from montreal, maybe philadelphia. also plays in normal love and satanized.

Ben Bennett – percussion, from columbus ohio. secret ingredient.

and if that ain’t enough, there’s:

Anthony Levin-decanini – magnetic card readers and tapes, from chicago, now pgh.

8cylinder – synthesizers, circuit bent effects pedals, drum machines. carries big stick.

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Two New Ballets from OvreArts

September 8, 2012
4:00 pm
8:00 pm

CAPA Theater

OvreArts, Texture Contemporary Ballet, and The Pillow Project will present two new ballets at CAPA Theatre on September 8: Luke Mayernik’s The Alkonost and Blake Ragghianti’s Infinity. OvreArts describes the two ballets as “visceral explorations into the endless cycles of infinite reality which spring up throughout a google of complexities — some in the form of inanimate objects, some in the form of natural processes and patterns, and still others in the form of living, breathing beings.”

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